Mobile case studies


interactive scheduling

(Your customer contact become personal)

End customers can arrange individual appointments via app. The sale can prepare these dates optimal, since the whole important information, such as date, customer preferences and purchase history are in view. The chat function provoke an intensive interaction which allows to react on customer wishes individually.


Mobile claims notification

(The customer become a part of your team)

Customers are allow to organize claims notifications by its smartphone. In addition to the appropiation of basic data, photos and geographical data captured as well. The provided data of the customer will be adopted to business processes to increase the quality of data, accelerate processing and reduce process costs.


Maintenance control

(Your mobile collaborators are close to you)

The back-office arrange maintenance calls and assign them via tablet to the external workers. In addition to the operation schedule the tablet supports each engineer with an access to the central inventory database, routing and technical documentations. Using GPS and photo functions, engineers can give feedback on the current condition of the facility.


Editorial control

(Be the mobile boss)

The press date is soon and the cover story isn't still received? The mobile list of priorities is connected with the editorial system, the production controlling and the calendar system. All tasks are sorted by their urgency and are available on travels and meetings. Just one simple click is needed to call a responsible employee or to send a reminder like a fax or SMS.



(Your interface between car owner and auto workshops)

CarCloud is a platform for car owners and workshops. It helps car owners in locating a workshop and arranging a repair using only their phone. Simple rescheduling or changing the range of services provided possible at every step. CarCloud seamlessly integrates the customer into the repair process. Its communications interface allows effortless conversations between workshop and car owner by smartphone or tablet. The customer can request an update on the current job status online, thereby avoiding repeated enquiries.



(Your mobile health check)

Choose during your habitation in one of the fitness hotels between a multitude of activities. By clinical statistics you get both a prediction and a medical overview about your current training performance to equalize them with your review results. By means of a time and eating plan you can design your individual daily routine.