Mobile applications

Early Adopter or laggard?
How you can use the new possibilities for your mobile business applications.
Smartphones, Tablet-PCs, Netbooks - Mobile processes and applications belongs more and more to our daily routine. But what are the benefits for the business sector? Try it yourself:

Your customer contact become personal
The measurable success in standarized arrangements in terms of mails, letters and so is small. Mobile applications allow you to get immediatly and individually in contact with your customer like familiar acquaintance.

The customer become a part of your team
Customers know best what they want. Increase the quality and reduce the costs by involving him during supply, maintenance and selling processes.

Your mobile collaborators are close to you
External workers, assemblers, suppliers require and provide informations. Boost their mobility and avoid unnecessary administration by a direct and fair processed connection.

Be the mobile boss
Do you want to control important processes of your company while you are always on the go from meeting to meeting or on a business trip? Using new mobile app technologies you get an overview about all your operations and can access straightforwardly.

The introduction of mobile applications come along with profoundly changes of the business model. The fact that the user - like the customer, the external worker, the maintenance team - move freely and indefinite available carry a new dimension into the use of information technology.

For a successful introduction of mobile technology, it is essentially to design the effect on the business model and the consequences for the customers relation. Not before the preliminary work is done implementation can start.

SOAPARK is specialised on the possibility to recognize mobile technology in your company and to utilize it. We offer

  • many years of experience in enterprise IT and strategic consulting
  • own off-shore-development with sufficient capacity reserves and local project support
  • your own established and fast adaptable solutions and products
  • many years of know-how about integration of new IT-solutions in already existing structures