Questions & Answers

How is the SOAPARK training programme designed?
The training programme from SOAPARK offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all important aspects in the implementation of service-orientated architectures. Based on over 20 modules, we offer the following training packages: SOA Modelling, SOA Architecture, SOA Governance, SOA Testing, SOA Security and SOA Hands-on Weeks.

What content range do the training programmes have?
Our seminars are generally between three and five days long and cover between four and seven modules of our curriculum. A limit of two modules per day is recommended. Further details on the content of the individual modules can be found in the training module overview.

How is the content imparted?
Our seminars are split into a presentation part and an exercise part. First the training units with modules from the Enterprise SOA curriculum are presented as a lecture. Afterwards, the presented content is practiced in group and individual exercises as well as moderated project work.

When do the seminars start and end?
Our seminars generally take place between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Which trainers undertake the seminars?
Our seminars are only undertaken by SOAPARK-certified trainers with many years of practical experience in SOA projects. Upon request, our trainers would be happy to introduce themselves to you in advance of the training. Simply send us an email with the desired seminar dates in order to get to know the trainer scheduled for these training dates.

Where do the seminars take place?
All training sessions are offered as both public seminars and as in-house training.

Can the training courses also take place at the company’s offices?
We are happy to offer our seminars as in-house training. Simply get in contact with us to agree on the desired content and date.

Is there a certificate for completion of the training?
All participants of our seminars receive at the end of the training a certificate that provides detailed information on the content and shows which skills were imparted during the seminar.

What about my physical wellbeing?
Refreshments and lunch are included in the price of our public seminars. In the case of individually arranged in-house training, the sustenance of the participants will be discussed with you in advance.

What training documents do I receive?
All participants receive for each training module of their chosen seminar a high-quality, spiral-bound A5 booklet as supporting documentation (approximately 70 to 100 pages per module).

Do I need any previous knowledge?
No specific previous knowledge is required to participate in the SOAPARK seminars. Our training packages are designed so that they can be taken individually.

Can the training be individualised?
In the case of in-house training we are happy to adapt to your individual preferences. Just get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities. In the case of public seminars, we are also happy to answer individual questions as long as they benefit the whole group.

Do I need a laptop with special software for the training?
For our public seminars, laptops are not required. All required material will be provided by us.

Will exercises take place within the training?
Yes. All imparted training content will be practiced in group or individual exercises as well as in moderated project work.

Will the training content be tested in an exam?
The training content will not be tested in an exam.