Excellence in SOA Consulting

SOAPARK is a provider of services and solutions for all aspects of service-orientated architecture (SOA). With its headquarters in Dusseldorf, we are active above all in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our clients are large and medium-sized enterprises from various branches of industry that we support in the implementation of large technical projects and SOA programmes.

Comprehensive service portfolio
Through our strong focus on service-orientated architecture over many years, we offer a level of technical competence unrivalled in the market. Based on this background of experience, we are able to offer our clients a service portfolio that covers the complete spectrum of SOA services – including strategy and architecture consultation, business modelling, compliance and security, training, testing, method consultation, project and programme management as well as implementation.

Our solutions
Our range of solutions today covers three fields. The SOAPARK Modeller is a cloud application that allows technical service models to be created that can be jointly developed and adapted by IT and the business department. It makes no difference whether services from IT systems or from employees are rendered – the SOAPARK Modeller allows a specification without any compatibility issues between formats. For the insurance industry, the ASSKURA model delivers the technical content. It provides a complete business model for insurance companies with thousands of entities, processes and technical specifications. It assists in fulfilling the tasks in the concept phase of a project and in the cross-project governance. Finally, the product suite from Crosscheck covers security and compliance.

Our competence
Our competence can be seen in regular publications, conference presentations, our contributions to the SOA Manifesto or on SOAPARK.TV

Dr. Dirk Krafzig - SOAPARK