SOAPARK Modeller

The SOAPARK Modeller is a web-based tool that optimally supports the early phases of the service design. It allows the modelling of services that are rendered by humans (e.g. call-centre workers), by classic applications (e.g. CRM applications) or by web services (e.g. customer services).

The recommended methodology begins with the modelling of business use cases and user stories. These can be described in detail and then structured according to business domains.

Based on a user story, the external behaviour of the system is then modelled. Here it is described which access path to the system is available for the user and which services can be used there. Every service includes a contract that stipulates the guaranteed properties of the service (e.g. hotline is open between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m.).

The third step is the structuring of more detailed services that are required behind the scenes in order to provide the applications with the desired data and technical functions. It is particularly important here to model the communication between these services according to the desired behaviour in the framework of the user stories.

In this early phase, a broad spectrum of different people should be included, in order to obtain a complete picture of the requirements on the services. For this reason, complex description languages loved by computer scientists, such as UML or BPMN, must be avoided.