2nd International SOA Symposium / Rotterdam: Governance Touch Points

The largest SOA event of the year is targeted at SOA practitioners. Renowned SOA experts and authors from around the world will hold keynote speeches, presentations, demonstrations, panels, and SOA training and certification workshops – all with a focus on the realization of SOA in the ‘real world’.

Dr. Dirk Krafzig will hold two presentations at this English-language conference:

“SOA Rollout Strategies”: Different governance rollout strategies in the framework of a SOA introduction will be shown and the criteria to determine which strategy is suitable for which type of enterprise presented. The differences, with regard to size, culture, organisational discipline and management style, play a particularly important role in light of the selection of the correct rollout strategy. Practical examples show how SOA programs can be accelerated or delayed through the way that the governance is realized.

“SOA Governance Touch Points“: In this presentation, an overview of typical IT processes is provided, showing for example the gathering of the requirements, project proposals, test runs for integration as well as the EA planning, and their potential points of contact with SOA governance. The presentation acknowledges the fact that no SOA initiative can address all these points of contact and control them through strict governance at the same time. It is therefore vital that the points of contact that are the most important in a SOA program are identified and prioritized with regard to risk minimisation or ROI. The presentation is based on the corresponding chapter in the soon-to-be-published book on SOA governance by Thomas Erl.