First International SOA Symposium / Amsterdam: Conway’s Law

The “First Annual International SOA Symposium” with the slogan “substance only” was aimed at SOA users at all levels. A nine-person planning committee, comprised of established SOA professionals, ensured that every session delved deeply into the corresponding topics and provided real benefits for SOA practitioners with regard to the most important SOA topics.

Dr. Dirk Krafzig held two presentations:

“Conway’s Law and SOA Governance” – Conway’s Law says that large organisations almost inevitably realize designs that correspond to their own communication structures. In this presentation, the theoretical basis will be explained and case studies will be presented that show which effects Conway’s Law has on large IT users and which measures can be taken.

“SOA Dependency Management” – Large enterprises need improved SOA program management. The most important question in connection with SOA appears to be: how can enterprises manage the complexity of SOA? This presentation highlights several case studies from the fields of telecommunications, aviation and insurance.