Insight / Nürnberg: Digital Transformation

Dr. Dirk Krafzig gives a lecture on digitization at the Insight 2016. The contribution: “Digital Transformation at the Interface Between Strategy and Execution” precedes the basic idea that the implementation of a digital strategy causes great challenges for CIO organizations. On the one hand it is necessary to obtain a complete picture of the pre-digital landscape and the desired target architecture in order to establish a serious and sustainable planning. On the other hand, this planning must occur without compromising the required quality at blistering speed.

He presents a methodology which unites speed and sustainability in the planning of the digital transformation. The starting point is the modelling of the digital business model and the resulting services which are successively broken down into IT functions. The methodology allows the participation of a wide range of stakeholders in the modelling process including the executives in the business, users, analysts, the CIO, and IT architects.