Digital Cookbook Presentation in Zurich

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The Digital Cookbook addresses the most important questions of what may be the greatest upheaval for society and the economy in this century: “What exactly is digitization?”, “Why is the topic so important?”, “What is required for a successful digital transformation?” and above all “How exactly can this be implemented efficiently?”. These questions are answered in the Digital Cookbook with the help of articles and exciting case studies by over 60 pioneers and high-ranking decision-makers in the digital economy.

For this reason, MID, IPT and Salesforce brought together some of the most influential members of the digitization scene and authors of the Digital Cookbook for a professional exchange.

After a short introduction by the organizers, the evening offered ample opportunities to exchange ideas with the authors over food and drinks and to expand the personal and professional network.

When? Thursday, March 8th, 2018 – from 6 p.m.

Where? Smith and de Luma – Grubenstrasse 27, 8045 Zurich