Public Workshop on Mobile Strategy

With the emergence of smartphones, tablet-PCs, and netbooks – mobile processes and applications belong more and more to our daily routine. But what are the benefits for the business and how can they be leveraged? This and other questions have been answered in our public workshop:

  • Bond with your customer on a personal level: On the one hand measurable success of traditional communication measures such as e-mails, letters, phone calls, and the like is shrinking. Mobile applications on the other hand allow you to get in contact with your customer immediately and individually.
  • Get your customers on board for the important decisions: Customers know best what they want. Increase the quality of your service and reduce the costs by smoothly involving the customer during supply, maintenance and selling processes.
  • Move closer to your collaborators wherever they are: External workers, assemblers, and suppliers require and provide data. Boost their mobility and avoid unnecessary administration by a direct and fairly processed connection.
  • Monitor processes and take action on the fly wherever you are: Do you want to control important processes of your company while being on a business trip or hustling  from meeting to meeting? Using new mobile app technologies, you get an overview of all your operations and straight forward access.

The introduction of mobile applications comes along with profound changes of the business model. The fact that the user – same as the customer, the external worker, the maintenance team – can move freely while data remains available opens up a pathway into a new dimension of the use of information technology.

For a successful introduction of mobile technology, it is essential to analyze the effects on the business model as well as the consequences for customer relations. Not until the preliminary work is done, implementation can start.