Publication: Digital Cookbook – Essential Recipes for the Digital Journey of Enterprises

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Published in November 2017, this book addresses the needs of executives, senior managers, project managers and decision makers, who will or already have embarked on a digitalization initiative.


The main authors and over 50 guest authors provide the context and best practices for such initiatives from a variety of industries, businesses and viewpoints, strategic, functional, operational, technical and executional. We do not focus on a specific industry, but lay out general, abstracted characteristics of digitalization. The book is structured into four parts:

1. Why it is Important to Become Digital Right Now: The authors elaborate first, how digital empowers a new way of thinking in businesses. As a core effect of digitalization, enterprises gain robustness allowing them to better deal with a variety of complex challenges. Enterprises are forced to act in order to meet the immense competitive pressure.

2. What is a Digital Enterprise: The transformatory power of digitalization revolutionizes the way in which business is executed. A large variety of new business models appears. In addition to the opportunities arising for individual enterprises, new ecosystems of businesses evolve.

3. How to Become a Digital Enterprise: Digitalization requires nothing less than a comprehensive transformation of the business model. From the outset, the digitalization initiative must be launched and governed from the top due to its all-encompassing impact on the enterprise. The digital transformation is then getting shaped strategically.

4. How to Execute the Digital Transformation: Once the new digital business model is defined, the digital transformation is driven forward in various dimensions directing the relevant governance tools. We show specific areas of focus in finally executing such transformation initiatives.

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