SOA | BPM Integration Days / Düsseldorf: Service Modelling

Markus Mazur from SOAPARK held an extended Power Workshop at the second SOA | BPM Integration Days in autumn 2011 with a focus on service modeling. As at the beginning of a design process many people who prefer informal presentation forms are involved, this must also be reflected in the process. It must also be considered that modelling in a formal notation like UML, BPMN or WSDL includes a certain degree of precision that cannot be achieved at an early stage of the design process. The modelling of alternative scenarios, rejections and improvements etc. must follow quickly and simply and be immediately understandable for all participants.

As a result, the design process of a SOA proceeds in two stages: an informal (paper and PowerPoint) and a formal (UML, BPMN and WSDL) phase. The right moment for the changeover from the informal to the formal design must be found based on the concrete organisation. The “SOA Modelling” workshop considers these aspects and provides the participant with a consistent methodology that is tested in numerous exercises during the workshop.