Webinar: How to Survive the Agile Transformation Tsunami

Webinar: How to Survive the Agile Transformation Tsunami

Agile transformation not yet delivers the desired benefits.


Globalization and digitalization threaten traditional enterprises with extinction. And, while the agile transformation seems to come to the rescue of enterprises, it also dismantles outdated organizational structures. Independently of the approach – be it SAFe, Spotify, Domain-driven Design and DevOps or traditional Scrum – the agile tsunami causes collateral damage by e.g., washing away useful management processes and enterprise-wide synergies.


In this webinar, we will talk not only about the benefits, promises and typical short-comings of agile approaches but also show you solutions to combine the strengths of traditional companies with agile values. We merged the strengths of known frameworks like Togaf, Archimate and Co with agile best practices and actual business insights to create ‘Agile++’. With it, you will finally be able to tackle the challenges of the agile transformation and regain control over your enterprise-wide initiatives with ease.


The 5 critical success factors:

  • Managed Heterogeneity (cooperation between agile and non-agile teams)
  • IT/Business Alignment (strategic goals and dependencies)
  • Value Leadership (implementation of goals through personal leadership)
  • Seamless Collaboration (transparency and clarity in the communication)
  • Value-driven Controlling (planning of goals and resources, estimates, tracking)


On the one hand, you will obtain exclusive insights into an intuitive, light-weight and adaptive modelling framework that can be copy-pasted in almost any existing project environment to improve your e.g., requirements engineering, stakeholder and dependencies management or enterprise architecture with ease. On the other hand, you will receive first impressions on how we can help you e.g., to deliver successful lighthouse projects to ensure that your success stories are more than just lucky shots or sparklers in the long run.


Important note: While the presentation slides are in English, the Zoom-webinar will be held in German and English separately.


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